My Face: I’m not stressed, promise!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The sun is coming out, the layers are coming off and the legs are finally being shaved after a long winter’s hibernation. Here in England it is almost ice cream season, and the long evenings are often spent sipping cocktails on the river with friends.

Oh no, wait. That’s not me. No, that’s some other people that I can currently spy from my window as I continue my life as a hermit, holed away with piles of paper and my own imagination for company. It could only be exam time.

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Planting a Memory

I’m not sure why but I feel I owe this little blog an apology. Oh sweet little blog, how I have neglected you. You deserve not what I have done unto you, you deserve but the greatest affection and attention. Shakespearean apologies aside, it has been a good 8 or 9 months since I ventured into the back office of WordPress and typed my thoughts into the little white box, and for that I am very sorry. With my final year of university currently entering it’s closing stages and with finals only months away (help help for the love of God help) it’s safe to say it’s been a little hectic. But hello again, I’m still here. How are you doing? Continue reading

Exploring England: A Trip Down South

So, the eagle-eyed amongst you (i.e. my mum and that dog across the road who always stares at me) may have noticed that a week or so ago things went a little quiet on this here blog. I’m sure you have many ideas as to why this was: loss of blogging mojo, a secret government mission, alien abduction… But no, I was not away due to any of these reasons (although I kind of wish I was; an alien abduction blog would be much more exciting plus I bet those guys take excellent selfies). No, I was just on holiday with my family in the South of England. Kind of anticlimactic, no?

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The Drugstore Texturisers

My struggle to capture the bedhead look has been well documented. Plus, it’s been going since I was about 14 (so a third of my life, sob I’m old); most people by now would have thrown in the hairbrush and admitted it just wasn’t going to happen. But no! I refuse to give in; I’ve watched tutorials, bought me some tools and spent hours in front of the mirror styling then consciously unstyling my locks and I now stand before you a bedheaded winner. Oh, the glory.

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Stila Convertible Colours

Although I will profess my love for foundation and concealer until I am blue in the face, there is a sneaky little part of me that just loves a good blush. Not that I’m saying it comes close in terms of perfecting and brightening than foundation (no, you would look quite ridiculous with this stuff smeared all over your face. Please God don’t let that become a S/S 2015 beauty trend), but the right colour blush on the cheeks does wonders for your complexion. Lifting and brightening, a flattering shade will negate the need for coverage as people notice your radiance and healthiness before they notice your spots and scars. Trust me.

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