Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder – Candlelight

Highlighter is one of those products I always seem to adore on others but hate on myself. I don’t know why; on the face of stranger, highlighter sculpts and lifts, making the whole face look alive and the skin look perfected. On me… Well, to say that I look like I’ve dragged my face through a field of glitter would be putting it lightly.

But yet the Marketing still manages to work on me every single time and I have built up quite a healthy collection of these glow-givers over time. It’s shameful, it really is; I barely ever wear the stuff due to the aforementioned glitter-field-face effect, and yet I continue to hoard and stash these beauties like it’s going out of fashion. Maybe this one will work on me, I optimistically tell myself, maybe this is the one that will finally show me how its meant to be done. But – and here’s a real shocker – it never is, and I continue to style myself on a child gone loose in the craft cupboard. Woe is me.

But then I bought this. The Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight. Can you hear the angels singing yet? This stuff is beautiful; to be honest I’d happily have it in my collection just to swatch and sigh at (plus the packaging makes the most satisfying clicking sound), but I’m even happier to have this as a highlighter I can actually wear. This is something I save for special occasions – day to day I prefer a more natural look – but on those special occasions, boom! do my cheekbones come out to play.


A light dusting of this over the tops of your cheekbones will catch not only the light but also your breath as your whole face instantly becomes that little bit perkier. But it’s subtle, too; if you didn’t know you had this on, you would put it down to good health, good diet and good sleep. I think my problem with other highlighters – MAC’s Soft & Gentle and Benefit’s Moonbeam come to mind – was that they were just a little ‘chunky’ for me; I always felt you could see the ‘stripe’ where I had applied this, no matter how hard I blended, and I tended to find the sheen they gave a little overpowering for the rest of my makeup. Plus on camera I never looked glowing, I just looked straight-up shiny.

So that’s where this differs. Not only does the Celestial Powder give a subtle highlight that just catches the light rather than hunts that light down and eats it for breakfast, but also adds a soft-focus finish to your skin, making your skin look kind of melted (sorry for the disturbing mental images guys). But seriously. You can see why this product is called “Candlelight”; you know in films where the lead couple are having a romantic dinner, and the flicker of the candlelight just makes them look all perfect and warm and happy in love? Yeah, that’s you. No photoshop needed.


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