Tour of Britain comes to Liverpool

Happy Sunday folks! A little known fact about my family: the lot of us are suckers for any kind of mass sporting event. Whether it’s a football match, the Commonwealth Games or the Tour of Britain, we like to be there front row with our cameras and diligent applause. The atmosphere is electric and there’s something about the communality of sport that makes everyone kind of happy

Today marked the start of the Tour of Britain – kind of like the Tour de France only in Britain and with a little less Champs-Elysées panache – the first day of which this year took place in my hometown of Liverpool. Represent! Of course, once we caught wind of this great sporting event on our very doorstep, we were all over it like a car bonnet. Into the car we hopped and off we went to Sefton Park.


Although perhaps the largest park and green space in all of Liverpool, I am actually not that familiar with Sefton Park. So in between laps (damn those guys cycle fast), we took a stroll and I snapped a few pictures. It’s beautiful there. There’s the famous Palm House – fun fact: my prom was held there when I was 15. I wanted to look my best for the occasion so decided to bleach my hair a few days before on a budget. I have no words. – and water features, interspersed with woody areas and open green spaces and not to mention a bloody great brass band. All that’s missing is an old-fashioned ice cream van and I would move there tomorrow with my trusty tent in hand.

Today there were probably more people than normal milling about which only bolstered the atmosphere. I love these events in Liverpool; just like when the Royal de Luxe came in July, they bring out the communal spirit us Scousers pride ourselves on. Plus, the sun was shining, which is worthy of a blog post in itself, really.

How did you spend your Sunday?



2 thoughts on “Tour of Britain comes to Liverpool

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