Stila Convertible Colours

Although I will profess my love for foundation and concealer until I am blue in the face, there is a sneaky little part of me that just loves a good blush. Not that I’m saying it comes close in terms of perfecting and brightening than foundation (no, you would look quite ridiculous with this stuff smeared all over your face. Please God don’t let that become a S/S 2015 beauty trend), but the right colour blush on the cheeks does wonders for your complexion. Lifting and brightening, a flattering shade will negate the need for coverage as people notice your radiance and healthiness before they notice your spots and scars. Trust me.

I had been wanting to try the Stila Convertible Colours for what felt like an age. In fact, until then I had stuck pretty much exclusively to powder-formula blush because I was scared that a cream formula would feel sticky, sheeny and just a little bleughhh. Plus I just didn’t see how the blush would adhere to my makeup without rubbing that below it away (Bourjois Bronzing Primer I’m lookin’ atchyoo). But the good reviews for the Stila offerings were universally good across the blogosphere and my bone of temptation was tickled. Now there’s an odd sentence.

I picked up two of the Stila Convertible Colours – in Gerbera and Fuchsia – from Marks & Spencer on one of their 20% days and I put them straight to work. Boy, it was love as first dab. The formula of these things is seriously good; creamy and pigmented with just the right amount of stick’ to last all day. They settle to a natural finish on the skin, mostly matte but with a hint of sheen that makes you look alive first thing in the morning (plus there is no need for highlighter, wheee!). If you’re a girl on the move, who likes to get her face on in 5 minutes flat, these are perfect for you – rub your finger in the blush, dab on the cheeks and blend blend done.

L-R: Gerbera blended out, Fuchsia blended out, Gerbera swatched heavily, Fuchsia swatched heavily

L-R: Gerbera blended out, Fuchsia blended out, Gerbera swatched heavily, Fuchsia swatched heavily

So, it’s a thumbs up for formula, but what about colour? Well, let’s just say that easy does it with these little pots. The first time I applied these – I used my Stippling Brush but fingers work just as well- I went a little dab-happy and the final result bore more than a passing resemblance to Dame Edna (minus the snazzy glasses, unfortunately). But applied right, Gerbera is a flattering suit-all coral/peach shade that will liven up any complexion, no matter how fair or dark. Fuchsia is a little more scary-looking and probably takes a little more time to get the hang of, but it’s worth it; fuchsia gives you that perfect ‘just run in on a snowy day’ look that makes your whole face look that bit more ‘high on life’. In the best possible sense.

Stila Convertible Colours have been designed to be used on both the lips and cheeks, allowing you to double up and cut down on products. Sounds great. I gotta say, however, that I love these a hell of a lot more on the cheeks than on the lips. On the lips these are a lovely pop of colour that acts as a stain to last all day but they are quite drying, so you couldn’t don them for many days on the run or things could start to look a little blotchy. But even if you use these exclusively as a cream blush, I’d say that they are well worth the £16 price tag.



2 thoughts on “Stila Convertible Colours

  1. Matromao says:

    Such pretty colors! I’ve exclusively used cream blushes in the past, but learning to work a powder blush completely won me over. Also, the idea of constantly having to stick my fingers into the pot started to gross me out. Good idea to use a brush though. I’ll start doing that with cream formula. 🙂

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