Exploring England: A Trip Down South

So, the eagle-eyed amongst you (i.e. my mum and that dog across the road who always stares at me) may have noticed that a week or so ago things went a little quiet on this here blog. I’m sure you have many ideas as to why this was: loss of blogging mojo, a secret government mission, alien abduction… But no, I was not away due to any of these reasons (although I kind of wish I was; an alien abduction blog would be much more exciting plus I bet those guys take excellent selfies). No, I was just on holiday with my family in the South of England. Kind of anticlimactic, no?

Bath is a wonderful city. Vibrant, cultural, gorgeous and home to my brother for the past seven or so years. Okay, so I might be a little biased. I very nearly went to university there (to this day I rue the decision not to go) and every time I go I fall a little bit more in love. But considering that this was probably our 174th trip to the city, there was a certain feeling of antsiness in our bellies on the 3 and a half hour drive down south. I mean, there’s only so many times you can gawp at the Abbey, eat ice cream in Victoria Park and poke around the Kitchen Shop in a competition to find the weirdest and wackiest kitchen contraption (Exhibit A, for impeccably brushed mushrooms). So this trip was a little different. This was a trip made for exploration.

Bakery in Colerne. Yummy yummy yummy.

Eat: sample some Nepalese cuisine (think a fusion between Thai and Indian dishes and then make it delicious) at Yak Yeti Yak in Bath, or tuck into a fragrant rotisserie chicken at the Firehouse Rotisserie. Kick your evening off with a trip to The Stables, an establishment specialising in cider, pizza and pies (what a combination!); I recommend the cider sample platter to get to grips with the wonderful world of cider, or a fun game of cider roulette with friends. You’re welcome.

Do: ahoy! a trip aboard the SS Great Britain in Bristol will make you wish you were a cap’n of the highest order, whilst an evening spent at the Thermae Spa in Bath with its rooftop views (dinner included!) will make you wish you led a life of luxury and make you never want to move again. Lacock Abbey is a National Trust property just outside of Bath that is fun for all the family (check out the rather intense game of Connect-4 going on above) and is the birthplace of the art we now call photography. Plus, it does amazing ice cream!

Stay: we stayed in this little college in Colerne, a village just 5 miles out from Bath. I can’t recommend this place enough; from the Scandinavian-esque furnishings to the pet-friendly hosts and crazy split-level floors, I wanted to live there forever and ever and ever. And ever.



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