My Face: I’m not stressed, promise!

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. The sun is coming out, the layers are coming off and the legs are finally being shaved after a long winter’s hibernation. Here in England it is almost ice cream season, and the long evenings are often spent sipping cocktails on the river with friends.

Oh no, wait. That’s not me. No, that’s some other people that I can currently spy from my window as I continue my life as a hermit, holed away with piles of paper and my own imagination for company. It could only be exam time.

Normally exam season is the time to do away with the makeup and go bare faced, to embrace one’s natural beauty and roll with the grimaces and recoils of horror when doing the weekly Sainbsbury’s shop. But not for me. With friends popping round for gossip study sessions on the daily and snack runs now a highlight of my day, I’ve been opting for something low-key, natural but still somewhat presentable, ready to run in less than 3 minutes. I mean, if you can’t feel good about yourself during exams, when can you? Here’s what I’ve been plumping for:

Face: a light dusting of the Tarte Amazion Clay Full Cover Airbrush Foundation has pretty much been my daily choice recently. Buffed into the skin with my Real Techniques Powder Brush (I’ve done away with the brush it comes with as I just couldn’t grow to love it), this gives a natural but surprisingly full coverage. For those with slightly oiler skin or who are generally more powder-averse, the Bourjois CC Cream similarly give a fresh, dewy look and a glow to the skin without being too heavy. Stress-induced blemishes are mostly covered by the foundation, but for any lurkers I’ve been resorting to my old favourite Nars Creamy Concealer, as you just cannot beat its pigmentation and blendability. Plus it works a treat on your dark circles – much needed when sleep is being lost due to high stress levels (this Maybelline offering is a fab drugstore alternative, too)!

Colour: a swirling of my new favourite Soap & Glory Solar Powder has been adding some much-needed life back into my Vitamin-D-deprived visage, perking me up without making me look too orange or over-the-top. Most days I’ve been skipping blusher, but when I am looking particularly deathly, a pop of the Stila Convertible Colour in ‘Fuchsia’ works a treat.

Eyes: again I’m keeping it simple – I’m hardly an eyeshadow maestro at the best of times – on the eyes and sticking to a sweep of my cherished Rimmel eyeliner and a few swipes of Benefit’s Rollerlash. This new mascara has been a controversial release, but I love it; although not the most volumising formula in the world, this mascara creates a curl like no other and makes me look wide awake with no clumpy over-done lashes in sight. For days when I want to skip on the eyeliner, my trusty Naked Basics Palette has come into play; I usually blend a single cover over the lid and go.

Lips: easy. A slick of the Korres Lip Butter in ‘Pomegranate’ keeps me moisturised, pinkified and looking good firmly average. Plus it smells so good I could eat it. Every day. Nom nom.

All in all it’s a pretty basic look, but it’s one that’s been working for me quite nicely over the past few weeks. Although I have to say I can’t wait for these exams to be over (5th June cmoonnnnn) and for me to have a bit more time to play around!

What’re your go-to no-nonsense makeup choices? Do you have any exams this year?


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