My Face: A Friendly Reunion

Gotta say, naming a post ‘My Face’ probably isn’t the most imaginative or appealing of titles. But I hereby promise that upon clicking this post, you will not be faced with a high-definition of my face in all its glory. No. I think it’s a bit early in our relationship for that; I like to take things slow, you know? Last night I went to dinner with some friends in Liverpool – it was the first time I’d seen this particular group of amis since my return from France, and so I wanted to look good.

To prepare, I dutifully set aside my afternoon for bathing, brushing and beautifying but what I actually wanted to achieve was the ol’ “What this? Oh that’s just something I threw on, hoho!” look. You know the one. Also one of my friends is notorious for being a Facebook fiend, and so my face had to be in all ways photo-proof (I have a terrible case of the Moomin Face), and by that I mean bronzed, perfected and well-applied. Here’s how it went down:


It’s a pretty well-established rule that if there is a mixtures of cameras and low-lighting about, you need to opt for an SPF-free foundation. I have a few options floating around my draws, including the bloggers’ favourite Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. But my favourite for evening wear is actually the much cheaper – and much less raved about – Revlon Photoready Foundation. This contains SPF 20 – making it perfect for summer evenings when you don’t want to take your foot off the SPF pedal entirely – but it photographs beautifully, smoothing over skin with a medium coverage and natural skin finish. It’s not dewy, but it’s not matte; in fact, in photos (and in real life) it just likes you have naturally really really good skin. And I’m okay with that.

Although the foundation provides a medium coverage, some of my more persistent scars still manage to poke through, and that is where MakeUp Forever Full Cover Waterproof Concealer comes in. This stuff is pigmented as hell so a tiny bit is enough for all of my scars, but it is light enough to blend in seconds and look natural on the skin. Blended over each individual scar with a tiny brush, this makes your skin look picture perfect. To set, a light dusting of the Vichy Dermablend Powder on top does the trick. This white powder makes an incredible difference; it goes onto the skin translucent, smoothing over pores and giving an HD finish whilst helping your makeup to last. A great dupe for the ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder but at a third of the price, this has long been my choice for evening and photo wear.



Recently I have been all about the cream blush formulas, but still nothing comes close to Benefit Dallas for creating a natural shadow on my cheeks and sculpting the aforementioned Moomin cheeks in photos. A bronzer, blusher and contour in one, this little box of wonder is a great option when you want something on your cheeks to liven up your face, but you don’t want any huge pop of colour – for example when you are wearing a bold lip/eye look – meaning it goes with any makeup look or outfit. Scary in the tub but gorgeous on the cheeks, this is a lifetime favourite.

Evening dining means dusky light, which is not only hella forgiving for any scarring/blemishes, but it also calls for a glowing complexion. I haven’t been sleeping well recently, so to help me on my way I opted for Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder in Candlelight. Oh. My. God. This is heartstoppingly beautiful, a gorgeous champagne highlight with no glitter but a beautiful subtle glow. Dust this on your cheekbones and on your brow bone for that well-rested goddess look. I have a full review of this coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!



The eyes are were I am probably the least creative. I always say that my big blue eyes are my best feature, but I find that if I try too hard to accentuate them with dramatic eyeshadow looks, my eyes get lost in the makeup and it all looks a bit heavy. Natural is the way forwards for me, so I opted for the Yves Saint Laurent City Drive Palette in ‘Classy.‘ I picked this up on a whim a while ago because it was so pretty, but I’ve never really got the hang of it. I hang my head in shame. Last night, I wore the cream/champgane colour all over the lid with the lighter brown colour in the crease and my eyes were well accentuated without looking too dressed up. Must use this more (I figure if I put it in writing, it’s legally binding, yes?).

To finish, a slick of brown eyeliner on the outer top lid with a slight flick (at the moment I am using Bourjois Liner Pinceau) with lashings of Clinique Lash High Impact Mascara (I usually use Maybelline The Rocket Mascara but my friend gave me this sample and I thought I’d give it a go).


Lips & Nails

I am not a pretty eater. When food is involved I tend to avoid bold lip looks in order to avoid the risk of smearing thick red/pink wax all over my face and chin. So for a pretty light look with zero risk of unappealing wear I went for the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter (review here).

I painted my nails with Barry M Gelly Nail Effects in ‘Papaya.’ I love this formulas; shiny and chip-free for at least 3 days. The colour is gorgeous too; a peachy coral that looks good enough to eat. Nom. 


Phew. Anyway, after I had piled this lot on my face and headed out the door, I had a great night. I always love catching up with friends; I love how even after 8 months apart it goes back to exactly how it always was when we’re together again. We went to the newly-opened Bill’s in Liverpool City Centre; I love Bill’s and was so excited when I heard it was coming to Liverpool. The food is great, the atmosphere lively and the decor is just like a bustling market. I can’t wait to go back soon!



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