Been Shoppin’ #1

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room first. The Pharmacie Diaries is not, and never will be, a fashion-forward blog. Sure, I like pretty dresses, pretty shoes and pretty sparkles as much as the next girl, but I am not what you would necessarily call ‘fashion-forward’. In fact, a potential suitor once described my style as ‘wannabe Victorian’ (safe to say flirting wasn’t his strong suit).

I’ve long been an admirer of French style; Parisian girls with their breton tees, tousled hair and no-makeup visages are just the epitome of chic in my books. In fact, my respect for their looks probably going one step beyond simple admiration, right up to borderlinee stalking. Block colours, minimal accessories and jeans jeans jeans have taken hold of my wardrobe and they ain’t letting up.

Topshop Black Wavy Organza Tee – £22.00

A basic buy, sure, but a good ‘un. I like that this is a crop top, but unlike most other crop tops the emphasis is on the ‘top’ part rather than the ‘crop’. Still following? What I mean is that with the wavy organza trim this top comes down to the hipbones rather than finishing above the navel, making this a) perfect for crop beginners and b) flattering as hell. The wavy cut skims the stomach area and does the same thing for your arms, too. Perfect with blue jeans in the daytime or a coloured skirt in the evening, the quality material and classier cut makes this the perfect top for holidays or a capsule wardrobe, evening or daytime.


Topshop Pink Strappy Pleat Cami – £26.00

A little heads up first: I bought this online and when it arrived I was a little disappointed that this is not the dusky rose colour this seems in the pictures but rather a more straight up baby pink. Nevertheless, it sure is pretty and the pink colour reminds me of some of my favourite blush colours; I thought this would make me look a little sickly at first against my pale skin, but it actually brightens up my complexion and makes me look all sorts of perky. The pleats make this a slightly different take on the omnipresent cami, and I can’t wait to dress this up for cocktails with friends or a drink date (I wish) with black skinny jeans, ankle strap heels and a cream leather jacket (pictured, mine is from Topshop quelle surprise).

Warehouse Yellow Fisherman’s Parka – £65.00

Annnnd for my third and final addition, we have a truly Marmite product. When I saw this I immediately wanted it – the colour, the oversized fit, the material and the fact that in England you always need a good waterproof – and I pretty much talked nonstop for 3 days until my mum snapped and told me to go and get it already. Oops. I guess I can be a little obsessive sometimes. But not everyone has been as in love with this as me. My mum said “golly that’s bright,” my dad nicknamed me Captain Birdseye and my grandma just looked straight up confused. But oh well, I love it and wearing it makes me happy. And as the adverts say, when you feel good, you look good. Right? Right?!


Also, can we just admire how pretty this Warehouse dress is that I got in the sale for £12 please? I can’t find it online so I don’t think it is available anymore, but it is beautiful; a 60s style cut but with a waist (rarity in the days of the shift dress), fully lined and an ivory colour that lies just on the right side of ‘neutral.’ I can’t wait to toughen this up with an oversized blazer, a red lip and black heels or soften it with a sideswept low bun and nude heels… Watch this space.


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