NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

It’s no secret that I like my foundations to offer a comforting amount of coverage. Not smothering, don’t get me wrong, but my skin could use a bit of help in the mornings. Scarring, redness with the odd spot or patch of eczema, I need something that smoothes as it covers, doesn’t dry out my skin and still looks as natural as it is possible to when you’re essentially sporting an extra layer over your face.

My first love affair with NARS was a short-lived fling with their ever-popular Sheer Glow foundation. Medium-high coverage with a glowing finish and perfect colour match, I bloody loved it. And then my sample ran out. And then I went to purchase the full size. But I didn’t. Because this cheeky little number caught my eye first. And so the love affair with the NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturiser began.

Superficial first: the packaging is adorable! With the same matte black effect as NARS blushes, eyeshadows and lipsticks, it just feels nice to hold. I could just sit and stroke it for days. My Precious. I also like that it’s compact and slim, undoubtedly more travel-friendly than the bulky square bottle that houses the Sheer Glow foundation. Plus it’s squeezable, so you can get every little drop out without  lhaving to bash a glass jar against your own hand and somehow ending up with it all over your bedsheets.

Yes that’s all well and good, I hear you ask, but how is the actual product? Well, anonymous question-master, I am pleased to tell you that it is awesome. As I said before, I like a decent level of coverage and this offers more than your usual tinted moisturiser or BB cream; enough to cover most blemishes and scarring although you may need some concealer over the great honkers you get on your chin at that time of the month, but this does a great job at diffusing redness and giving skin a boost. I don’t know how NARS do it – there is no discernible shimmer, shine or sparkle here – but this perks up my complexion and completely covers all my sensitivity/eczema-related redness. Even when you put setting powder on top to mattify it, it doesn’t look flat or at all unnatural. And it’s pretty much undetectable on the skin; I have the shade ‘Alaska’ and this just melts into the skin. You don’t even need a brush – you can blend with your fingers like a normal moisturiser without fear. On a bus, without a mirror… You name it, you can apply it anywhere, anytime.


Although a tinted moisturiser, I would not recommend bypassing your moisturiser before slapping this on. Sure, it’s more hydrating than your usual base offering, but it is a tinted moisturiser and not a tinted moisturiser, if that makes sense. Applied over my flaky bits (mm nice mental image for you there) the flaky bits resolutely remained. But with a good moisturising beforehand, this is suitable for drier skin ladies as well as you oilier ones. At £29 this stuff ain’t cheap, but you need the smallest bit – it’s rather pigmented – to do the whole face, and a tube lasts 3-4 months with daily application and topups. Onto my second tube, it’s safe to say I am rather enamoured.


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