Bourjois Velvet Edition Liquid Lipsticks

Men have the “Lynx Effect,” women have the “Red Lipstick Effect.” Much as the smell of Lynx sends women’s pheromones crazy and has every lady in a 15-mile radius – according to advertising, anyway – diving for her flip flops and running across busy intersections in order to fling her arms around a stranger who smells nice, red lipstick gets the guys goin’. According to the media, fashion ads and Cosmo, there is nothing sexier – nor classic – than some bold, red lip action.

The “Red Lipstick Effect” has been well documented. Maybe it’s down to confidence, maybe it’s something programmed into our brains, but the red lip is powerful and it’s here to stay. This has been backed up too; a study has revealed that men find red to be the sexiest lipstick colour, making you look more approachable and more desirable. Win. So needless to say I have long been on the hunt for the perfect red that flatters my complexion, doesn’t require the maintenance that traditional red lip lacquer requires (a boyfriend once asked if my gums were bleeding), and makes me look not unlike Megan Fox. An easy brief, no? (pfshhh)

The Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks are a recent release from the brand and let me tell you, the bloggers LOVE ’em. With promises of on-trend colours, all-day staying power and a hot matte finish, its easy to see the appeal. I first picked up ‘Personne ne rouge’ on a whim; the colour was pretty and the reviews were good. What’s a girl meant to do? I slicked it on excitedly as soon as I got home and honestly, I felt like a movie star. Feeling glamorous I pranced about the house in my red lipstick and jogging bottoms (like Megan Fox does, I’m sure), taking delight in doing all of the traditional blogger lipstick-tests: I ate a sandwich, I pecked my mum on the cheek, I drank some water. And it was still there.

Soon two more offerings joined my stocks; ‘Frambourjoise’ – an aptly-named raspberry pink – and ‘Nude-ist’ – a dusty-pink-meets-nude that livens up the face without dominating your makeup look. Me likey.

These highstreet offerings are facing stiff competition from the drugstore with the equally popular Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms (review coming soon), and I have to say it’s a tough call; only the most obsessed amongst us (hi there!) can really justify owning both. At a push, I’d say the Revlon offerings are more ‘casual’ – they are thinner in consistency so you can’t feel them on the lips and they don’t pack as much as a ‘pow’ finish. The Bourjois is bordering on gloopy in consistency and the finish is much more in your face. The Bourjois is more moisturising too, so dry-lipped girls take note!

At £8.99 these retail for a pound more than the Revlon equivalents but you can often buy these on some kind of deal, and for the staying power, the on-trend colour and the traffic-stopping finish (if only life was a Rimmel advert!), I’d say it’s well worth a punt, wouldn’t you?



3 thoughts on “Bourjois Velvet Edition Liquid Lipsticks

    • Helen says:

      Do it! I especially recommend teaming a bold red lip with a casual look clothes-wise. Nothing better than the effortless red lip. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

      Let me know how you get on! 🙂

      • sshhbeauty says:

        Haha, bold red lips always look the most effective. Then again, maybe I’ll go for that pinky-nude in the photo. I’m not sure! But of course I will let you know – thanks for the recommendation! xx

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