A Dazzling Dior Duo

Feats of Alliteration aside, I am also rather proud of myself in this post because I remembered to clean my products before pointing and shooting. I’ve had both of these in constant rotation since Christmas (a long-time flirtation considering I have the attention span of a particularly frivolous Magpie) and I am famously haphazard in my brush swishing so they were becoming a little grubby around the edges. I am less proud, however, that I spectacularly managed to lose the cute mini brushes that originally accompanied both of these products. Still, nobody’s perfect, eh?

Brush woes aside, I am seriously in love with this duo. Snapped up from Escentual in the Christmas sales last year, these powders have only really left my cheeks in the last few weeks when the sunshine has made me reach for my creamier formulas. Pigmented but natural, together they give you that ‘outdoorsy’ glow we all like to bang on about so much. People often compliment me on my glowing complexion and trust me, that ain’t down to good genes.

Also, can we take a second to swoon over the packaging? It’s just so luxe, it makes me want to apply my makeup on the go just so I can feel the satisfaction of fishing these silver-plated goodies out of my battered and bruised bag. They are hella sturdy too, so perfect for butterfingers like me. The metallic finish makes the aforementioned cleaning a doodle too. Of course, these beauties are more than skin deep…

DIOR Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder in ‘Aurora’- £38

Seriously just the name of this makes the little bell in my head go “dingdingding!” I mean, glow enhancing? Healthy?? Nude?! OMG WHERE DO I SIGN!? Being of fair complexion, I am traditionally a little afraid of all things bronze-tinged. If I had a penny for every time I smeared what promised to be a light bronzer on my cheeks only to look like a tribute act to both of the Flowerpot Men… Let’s just say I wouldn’t be so penny-stripped. A little of this buffed into the hollows of the cheeks works as a contour shade, whilst sweeping this in a ‘3’ formation down the side of the face down to the jawline just a lovely ‘i’ve been outside all day long’ glow. And not the ‘i’ve been outside all day long’ kinda glow you associate with a heavy tanning sesh. No, this is more a ‘I’ve been chopping wood and I don’t need makeup to look fabulous’ glow. The fact that you’ve blended this right across your visage? Well, that can just be our little secret.

DIOR Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder – £30.50

Okay, I will admit that in the pan this looks more than a little clownish. Once, a friend asked me the secret to my ‘perky’ skin and I immediately ran to my stash and emerged seconds later waving this product in one hand and a brush in the other. She took one look at the neon pink shade and the obsessive gleam in my eye and flat out refused to let me apply it. “I’ll look ridiculous!” she wailed.

I get where she was coming from, I really do. But a light dusting of this on the apples of the cheeks does absolute wonders for your glow-dar (the amount of glow your skin gives off, duh), let me tell you. With a magical formula that apparently adapts to your individual skin upon application, this gives a colour which is both noticeable and subtle (I am so good at reviews). A lifesaver on Mondays or days where you just don’t feel at the top of your game, this brings ‘outdoorsy’ glow to a whole ‘nother level. A word of caution to the wise: less is more with this stuff. But a worthy investment and as you can see from the pictures there’s barely a dip in the pan after 8 months of pretty much daily use. Not too shabby, then.



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