Everybody loves Cake: The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist

My two favourite scents in the whole entire world are the smell of Boots Soltan – one whiff of that and I am back in Exmouth on a family holiday at 4 years old – and the smell of vanilla. I have lost count of the times that my mum has sent me into the fridge to fetch the vanilla essence, only for her to turn around half a minute later and find my sniffing the bottle so hard my nose is practically wedged. Sexy.

The hunt for a vanilla-based perfume has been a long one; sure, there are plenty of perfumes with vanilla-based notes, but I want to go the whole hog; heck, I want to smell like I’ve ran naked through a vanilla field, or swam through cake mix. I’m not even sorry. I went for lunch with a close friend a few weeks ago and caught a whiff of her perfume on the wind and my nose pricked up. She smelled goooood, man. I think she thought I was coming on to her pretty strongly, taking her out for lunch and smelling her neck. Her fears were only seemingly compounded when I asked “what are you wearing?!” halfway through the meal.

To her relief, I was lusting after her perfume only. Once I’d got all the details out of her (and repaired our friendship), off I popped to The Body Shop and snapped this up. I don’t even have words; if you like sweet smells, edible smells, the smell of cake, you will love this. I have probably received more compliments on this than I have on anything since 1996, and that is no lie.


A bottle of this will set you back £7.50 full price (or £8.50 for the Eau de Toilette), which is an absolute steal when you consider how much smelly things can set you back, and the fact that The Body Shop nearly always has a deal on… AND it means that I don’t feel terrible practically pouring this over myself every morning – just kidding, a spritz on the wrists and on the neck is enough, don’t go overboard or you may find yourself chased by hungry children in the street. Obviously, for the price, there will be some drawbacks, and lasting power is probably the main one. This lasts maybe about 4-5 hours on bare skin, and a little longer when sprayed onto fabric – I plan to douse my scarf in it this wintertime, and that’s being generous. This obviously means that top ups are needed if you want to smell like delicious all day long, but with the product being in a glass bottle, it’s not something you can just pop in your bag and go. I’m so clumsy I’m convinced it’s only a matter of time until I smash mine to bits.

But these are tiny drawbacks when I consider the sheer joy this product has brought me. Scent is such a personal preference, so it’s not going to be for everyone – go into store for a whiff before purchase if you can – but if you’re a vanilla/cake lover like me, you’re going to l.o.v.e. it.

*googles the rest of TBS’ vanilla range*

Vanilla Body Mist – here – £7.50


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