Bedheaded and Ready to Roll: Bumble and Bumble Texture Creme

Kate Moss. Daisy Lowe. Alexa Chung. 3 very different women but all inspire a very similar feeling within me: serious hair lust. Ever since I cut my hair short 3-4 years ago, I have been chasing those slightly-bedraggled-but-still-somehow-groomed locks. I want to look done yet undone, alluring and effortless. I want to give off the air of ‘yes this is how I look in the morning,’ even though how I look in the morning is like a woodland creature rudely awoken from hibernation. For years the miracle product had alluded me, with my attempts simply ending in greasy hair, knots as big as rattails or the ever-dreaded ‘pancake hair.’ That is, until I met this little fellow.

Alright, so I was sceptical. I bought the travel size of the Bb Texture Creme because the price for the full size (£22) made me a bit sad, especially since I was convinced that this product was to be used once, grunted at and thrown into my basket of products that didn’t cut the hairy mustard.

But no! Before you sigh and mooch off to some other place along the interwebs, still yearning for that tousled chicness, let me stop you in your tracks and let you know that this is a story with a happy ending. A little dollop of this spread through damp hair, worked in and then dried with a hairdryer or naturally works wonders. And it gets better; unlike with other products, I can then go on to use my straighteners and the style remains, rather than completely disappearing – I don’t have to choose between borderline afro hair with sticky texture and straight and sleek. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have found that happy medium. For it’s not the ‘beach babe’ look that salt sprays endeavour to achieve; no, it’s just a matte finish with a pinch of tousle about it. It’s not full-on grunge but it’s that ‘lived in’ effect. It’s not ‘I don’t care about my hair’ but it’s ‘I’m naturally gifted.’ And we all like to fake the natural gifts.

I wouldn’t use this on dry hair, so if you need something for dry hair I would keep looking (I know I will be!). But for removing that post-wash fluffiness and giving your hair a bit of grip and grunge? I don’t this can be beat, really.

Bb Texture Creme – link – £22 for 150ml/£10 for 50ml


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