Impure thoughts: Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser

Nothing like kicking up a little controversy on a Saturday afternoon, eh? To be honest I’m not quite sure how to direct this review, as your view on this cleanser really depends on your ‘skincare camp’ – are you all about the natural products, the natural goodness and strictly no nasties allowed? If so, best click away from this now and go spend the next 3 minutes you would’ve spent reading this making a new best friend or making yourself a cuppa. If you’re of the opinion that nature is all well and good, but as long as the product is a good ‘un and does what it says on the tin you don’t really care, then read on, my friend.

NB. This post is also suitable for those inbetween camps, or as they are more sensitively known, the campless.

I’m aware that that introductory paragraph may make it seem like Philosophy have spent years in a lab pumping arsenic and puppies into their products, but let me assure you that that isn’t the case. It’s just that the name ‘Purity’ may imply a sense of wholesomeness and goodness, a product lacking in all the frowned up ingredients – parabens, sulphates, preservatives etc etc – whilst this cleanser is nothing of the sort. Indeed, a quick look at the ingredients list soon turns into a slightly longer look, with many scary sounding products that I cannot even begin to pronounce; usually an indicator of a less-than natural product.


That aside, I actually think this is a very, very, very good cleanser. This is my third bottle of the stuff, as I had a small ‘sample’ bottle as a gift with purchase, then I purchased the medium-sized bottle before going on to snaffle the big daddy of the range at 400ml. After reading all about the chemical-based formula and the kerfuffle that caused amongst Youtubers and bloggers alike, I was a little wary, with mental images of my face melting off in quite a spectacular fashion,and thus the little bottle was left to gather dust.

I’m not sure what spurred me to crack open my bottlette (french for little bottle, don’t-cha-know), but boy am I glad I did. The cleanser is a gel – although Philosophy also do a cleansing oil and a foaming gel in the Purity range, so choose accordingly – and it works into the skin like a dream. I usually apply to dry skin, makeup on and I massage it in for a minute or so before rinsing clean. My skin is left so soft, and more importantly, so dang clean (or should that be “pure”?). Makeup is made short work of (even eye makeup when I’m feeling lazy, which is always). This is perhaps the most comfortable cleanser I have ever used, and probably my favourite for removing makeup. It doesn’t irritate my skin in the slightest; I could sit there rubbing it in all day, but I’m worried my bath would get too cold. The packaging is strong, too; simple, but practical – I like the fact that it is clear so I can see how much I’ve used, and the cap ensures you don’t accidentally squirt out too much. I even like the dictionary-style writing on the front, although I find it doesn’t actually say a whole lot, it just sounds deep and poetic.


So who is this product good for? I would say almost anyone, especially those looking for a day-in day-out cleanser that gets the job done – dry skins, sensitive skins, combination skins and dirty skins (is that a skin type?) would love it. One thing I would say, however, is that this might not be the best for acne-prone skin types, as although this would clean the skin amazingly well, it doesn’t do anything to treat existing blemishes, so although it won’t make the situation any worse, it may not do a lot to clear it up, either. Philosophy counters are pretty easy to come by these days, and they seem pretty forthcoming with samples – I got a mini giftbag of sachets when I simply enquired – so I’d suggest picking one up if you’re interested.

I really cannot begin to fault this cleanser; I will continue to repurchase for the foreseeable future. Which isn’t exactly saying a lot, as this stuff lasts a lifetime – I’ve had my 480ml bottle (pictured) for about 2-3 months, using every single day in the evening, and you can see how much I’ve used. For £28, it’s not bad value.

A resounding thumbs up from me, but I’m interested to know where you guys sit in the whole ‘natural is better’ debate. Let me know below!

Philosophy Purity Cleanser – link – £28.50 for 480ml, or £17.50 for 240ml


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