Butter me up: The Body Shop Body Butters – Vineyard Peach

Let me tell you a little secret: eczema is no summer picnic. It’s not so much the constant itching, nor the red rashes which cover about 80% of my skin all year round, nor even the constant vigilance as to what fabrics/substances I put near my skin… No, it’s the complete lack of opportunity for a good body pamper. Any whiff of a nice scent or luxurious oil and my skin is gearing up for a massive temper tantrum. So it’s been years of unscented bath oils, prescription body creams and generous doses of steroids, rather than the cocoon of luxurious fragrances which I yearn for. Even with the twice-a-day complete-body moisturisation, my skin feels normal rather than pampered. So the quest begins for a nice fancy treat that can be used on my skin, starting with The Body Shop’s bestselling offering in the shape of a body butter…

My foray into the body butter world was a cautious one, beginning with the Hemp Body Butter, made for the driest of dry skins. Suspicious scent aside (I got it as part of a giftset in a tin with what looked like a marijuana leaf on it, much to the boyfriend’s horror and amusement), the body butter was thick, as it instantly melted upon contact with the skin… Kind of like butter (I’m starting to understand The Body Shop’s marketing). My skin was moisturised and felt happy. And an added bonus was that it sank in almost instantly, leaving no greasy residue and allowing me to dress immediately and avoid the ever-loved ‘mummy walk’ – an unfortunate consequence of my other prescription creams.


So yes, body butters looked promising. But the smell of the hemp one just didn’t quite float my boat. I wanted a real treat, for eyes, skin, nose and purse. So off I went dutifully to my local Body Shop and the sniff-athon began. It was immediately clear that the fruitier scents were for me, and I quickly narrowed down my wishlist to the Vineyard Peach and Blueberry fragrances.

Vineyard Peach smells… Like peach? That may seem an obvious description but that’s the best I can do I’m afraid. Imagine opening a peach yoghurt and the smell that greets you as you peel back the lid: that is the smell of this body butter. Deeee-vine. Subtle enough so as not to make you seem like a giant walking piece of fruit (a wasp’s paradise), but not so subtle that you can’t detect it on the skin. It’s a beautiful pick me up, lingering on the skin for the best part of the day (maybe 6 hours or so) and making my skin feel comfy without feeling greasy. It’s lush!


Naturally, the texture of the butter is much akin to the Hemp; creamy, thick, luxurious without feeling suffocating. A little goes a long way due to the thick formula, and one tub should last a while used once a day or less (I’m saving mine for special occasions/pamper nights!). Also:

Body Butter + hot day + fridge = perfection

… You know it makes sense.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Vineyard Peach – link – usually £13 but currently £6.50 to celebrate The Body Shop’s 21st Birthday, happy birthday!


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