Give me moisture!: Origins Make a Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Moisturiser

The quest for the perfect moisturiser is never-ending. It seems like a pretty easy to find right? Wrong. My skin needs moisture, moisture, moisture, but without harsh chemicals or fragrance. It can’t just mask the tight feeling, it has to treat the dryness and the sensitivity. At the same time, however, it can’t be too rich or it’ll aggravate the blemish-prone nature of my skin (my face has a real Jekyll and Hyde quality about it). Next on my list was the Origins Make a Difference range, comprising of 3 different moisturisers which is designed to treat dehydrated and parched skin without overloading it, and which has received raves reviews online. I purchased the Rejuvenating Moisturiser from the range as my daytime moisturiser to go under makeup but also to treat the dehydration.

First impressions; I was wary. The smell of this moisturiser is quite strong, and as a general rule of thumb I tend to avoid scented products for my skin in a bid to keep irritation at a minimum. The smell is not unpleasant however (the only way I can describe it is as fresh), and I cannot say that this moisturiser has irritated my skin in the slightest, so sensitive skins can rest easy.

The texture, too, is perfect for daytime; a lightweight gel that sinks in almost instantly, leaving skin plump, radiant and moisturised but without that tacky residue that can affect makeup applied on top. I tend to apply this, then go and dry my hair/get dressed etc, and then apply my makeup, giving this time to work its magic and do its thang.

The moisture levels are pretty good, and I imagine this would satisfy most skin types. I have seen this bandied about the internet as a night cream for many beauty gurus, and I think oilier skins would be content to use this only in the PM, only I need something a bit richer in the evening, and so this is perfect for daytime. It all depends on your skin type really, but I think it’s safe to say everyone could make a spot for this in their daily regime.

My only issue with this is price. At £34 for 50ml of moisturiser, this don’t come cheap. I find a tub lasts me about 2 months, and that’s just not enough for my tight student budget (I have some great budget alternatives coming up soon!). If it lasted longer, or was slightly cheaper, I would repurchase without a second thought, but alas. You do get what you pay for to an extent, however, as Origins is a ‘clean’ skincare brand and the moisturiser itself is top notch. I know some people have complained about the tub packaging being unhygenic, and I see their point, but if I’m going to pay £206 a year on a moisturiser, I damn sure want to be able to get every last scrap out of the packaging.

Tagline: go for this if you want a good, clean moisturiser with no nasties that perfectly balances the skin, moisturising it without making it greasy or oily. Good from all skin types, even sensitive.


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