Learning to Love again #1

We all have those products in our collection that just never seem to get used, for some reason. It’s nothing against the product themselves, they’re perfectly fine, but they don’t blow you away from the moment you get them out of the box and before you know it, they’ve been left in a drawer to collect dust, forgotten in our frenzy to discover the next Holy Grail product. My collection has expanded pretty darn rapidly over the last year, and in an attempt to streamline and save my ever-diminishing bank balance, I’ve been digging out those forgotten items lurking in my drawers, trying to reignite the flame of passion we once shared.


left-right: swatched – L’Oréal Rouge Caresse in Dating Coral, Benefit Coralista blush, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle, Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Medium, Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Shell, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

L’Oréal Rouge Caresse Lipstick in ‘Dating Coral’ (£7.99)

It’s not you, it’s me. I’m just not a lip person, I always feel that I don’t look like me when I wear a bold lip, and I just can’t be bothered to be topping it up and checking it out during the day – I want my make up to stay put, rain or shine. But there’s something about this colour that makes me go weak at the knees; a beautiful coral-pink that flatters my paler skin tone, and the sheer formula makes it subtle enough so as to not make me feel too inconspicuous. It’s lovely and moisturising too, so I can just use it like a lip balm, topping up on the go – you can even apply it mirrorless, thanks to the sheer wash of colour it gives you. Ker-ching.

Benefit Coralista Blush (£23.50)

I don’t want to be tied down. Blush is my weakness, I’m constantly looking for my next acquisition and I can never be bothered to fully commit to a cheek colour for weeks, even months at a time. I’m a big flirt, always on the lookout for something more. But this colour is just beautiful, and the quality fantastic. A peachy-coral with a hint of golden shimmer running through it, this does wonders for brightening up the complexion and making you look that little bit more awake. Looks as good with a tan as it does without, but be warned that Benefit boxed blushes are incredibly pigmented, so be careful or you will end up looking a little bit too alive if you know what I mean.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in ‘Soft and Gentle’ (£22)

Something just isn’t right. About six months ago, I decided it was time. I had had enough of being young and frivolous. It was time to settle down, to become a proper woman, like those you see in deodorant adverts, glowing and not a hair out of place despite the high probability of disaster in their everyday life. It was time, to get a highlighter. I quickly settled on this as the one for me, and I swatched it with glee, the peachy-champagne shimmer convincing me this was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Six months later, it’s barely been touched. This product is one of the most beautiful, and one of the most effective at waking up the skin on a Monday morning – if you can apply it correctly, that is. First time, I happily brushed this over my entire face: I looked diseased. Next, I applied a tiny bit on the tops of my cheek: I looked as drained as ever. Then, I applied a bit more, going down to the apples of my cheek: I looked deranged. Some days this works, and some day this doesn’t, and I have yet to figure out how to make this work for me on an everyday basis. Less is more, and I will be a deodorant lady yet.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in ‘Medium’ (£4.19)

You’re just not what I thought. I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but I bought this concealer with high hopes, dreaming of that flawless, natural complexion that did not budge through thick and thin. We were both in it for the long haul, but something wasn’t quite right. I cannot fault the wear time, dawn until dusk this baby works to keep my blemishes and redness under wraps – indeed, on good skin days I can get away with this. My problem is that this dries down to an almost mask-like finish – sure, it doesn’t budge, but that makes it hard to blend into the skin, leaving your skin looking decidedly splotchy if you’re not careful. It also has a tendency to go a bit cakey, and so if you’re looking for a concealer to apply over your foundation throughout the day, I would suggest you look elsewhere. Also not suitable as a ‘go-anywhere’ type of concealer; use this under your eyes at your own peril. It’s not terrible, in fact for the price it’s pretty good, but it’s not the best. And we all deserve the best, don’t we? Great budget buy, but not Holy Grail.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in ‘Shell’ (£8.99)

I just feel like I need something more. Despite the fervour with which beauty bloggers and reviewers alike have proclaimed their love for Revlon’s latest foundation offering, I’ve never been completely sold. Part of it is my fault,in that I think this shade is just a tad too light for me (ghost face, anyone?), but the coverage of this foundation leaves something to be desired. Of course I love the natural ‘no makeup’ look, but the whole point of the ‘no makeup’ look is to look flawless yet natural, rather than to just look like I do without makeup. Concealer is always an option, but the low coverage and the relatively poor wear time (around 6 hours, but usually I expect a foundation to last all day on me) leaves me cold. Good for those with perfect skin/minor imperfections, or for lazy trips to Tesco, but for day to day wear, I need something more. Also not for oily skinned gals. Recently my skin has been improving (thank you, Mr Effaclar Duo) and so I am opening my heart (and makeup bag) once more to this little offering.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink (£17.50)

You’re just not my type. I am a liquid eyeliner gal through and through, and the only reason I bought this was I needed an eyeliner that would stay put for over twelve hours, and this had glowing reviews. I am happy I bought this, I just lack the patience needed for refining my technique – my first attempt always results in me wearing a rather fetching line in the middle of my eyelid; sexy. I like it to look subtle and smoky, right in the lash line. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s good it’s brilliant (black, long-lasting, lending subtle definition) but when it’s bad it’s terrible (child’s doodle). I will learn to master this, I will I will I will.

Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara High Definition Collagen Coat (£10.50)

I want to see what else is out there. I’ve had this mascara for a good long time; far far longer than I think I’m meant to hold on to a mascara, oops! I absolutely love this mascara, and it’s little sister, ‘Thick and Fast’ the original. Aside from the cheeky name (or maybe that’s me reading between the lines, my mind firmly in the gutter), Soap & Glory mascaras do it all – they lengthen, they volumise and they are buildable for the evening, although I find one coat more than enough. This reminds me of Benefit’s They’re Real, except this is easily removed. Lately, however, I’ve been playing the field and dipping my toes in more exotic waters – I came back to this again a few days again, and it’s safe to say we’re as strong as ever. All is forgiven. (May need to swap this for a younger model though.)

So, there we have it, 7 products I vow to try and get more use of it, with this blog as my witness. What products do you have lurking in your stash, unloved and unopened?



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