The anytime eye: Benefit World Famous neutrals sets (Most Glamorous & Sexiest nudes ever)

I am not really one for eyeshadow – I am much more likely to stab myself in the eye multiple times with my brush, emerging bloodshot and frustrated rather than transform into a beautiful swan/Kim Kardashian. Hence, the immediate appeal of these sets. With all the colours and step-by-step instructions, you need in one little set for a beautiful and strong eye look without the risk of looking like you’ve faced 3 solid rounds in the boxing ring, I had my purse out and waiting before reading past the first line. Not to mention the beautiful/quirky packaging… It would have been rude of me to pass them by, wouldn’t it?

above: in the pans

below: lightly swatched (left-right): creaseless cream shadows in  ‘birthday suit’ (golden shimmer with a hint of bronze) & ‘my two cents’ (bronze shimmer); powder eyeshadows in ‘call my bluff’ (it’s there if you look real close, shimmer), ‘kiss me, I’m tipsy’ (predominantly matte brown with a slight shimmer), it’s complicated (peachy pink with golden shimmer, light but beautifully simple), ‘gilt-y pleasure’ (gold shimmer)

Eyenessa’s most glamorous nudes ever
Oh boy is this a pretty one. This was the set of the three that I immediately fell for; a classic sparkling selection of golds, pinks, bronzes with a hint of brown, this set had “me” written all over (vandalism). I felt this collection was a safe investment as the colours could be mixed and matched to go with almost any outfit, for any occasion. A base of ‘call my bluff’ can be mixed with ‘kiss me I’m tipsy’ in the outer corner/crease for a subtly defined and smoky daytime look, or ‘gilt-y pleasure’ can be sweeped (swope?) all over – the eyelid, i mean, not the face – for an evening-appropriate look in seconds. The list goes on. My favourite part of this set, however, has got to be the cream eyeshadows in ‘birthday suit’ and ‘my two cents’, which look gorgeous alone, or can act as a seriously heavy-duty eyeshadow base to intensify your look or make it go the extra mile; seriously, these things do not budge once set, so blend blend blend!


above: in the pans

below: lightly swatched (left-right): creaseless cream shadows in ‘bikini-tini’ (peachy nude with slight shimmer) & ‘holy smokes!’ (mysterious grey with silver shimmer, stunning but very pigmented), powder eyeshadows in ‘milk it!’ (pearly white with sheen), ‘raincheck?’ (mid-toned purple with brown undertones; looks shimmery in the pan but doesn’t transfer onto skin), ‘pause for applause’ (matte baby pin, my least used), ‘blingo!’ (Full-on silver sparkle, again needs a light hand but really livens up the look)

Eyenessa’s sexiest nudes ever
This is the set of the three that seems to have had the least love online, and I kind of understand why – the colours don’t exactly scream ‘versatile’, and the darker shade selection in this kit does not lend itself to paler skin types in particular, especially for a subtle daytime look… or so it may seem. I actually bought this kit to go with a dress I was planning to wear for a party which was purple with silver embellishments. The colours in this set seemed perfect for my outfit online, and a quick swatch in Debenhams confirmed my suspicions. To be honest I did hesitate in buying this set just because I felt I’d only get that one use out of it, and for £23.50 a pop, it wasn’t exactly a frivolous purchase. But I bought it, and immediately set about trying to make it work for all occasions. And I was pleasantly surprised – this palette is great for day and night, as ‘bikini-tini’ worn with ‘raincheck?’ is great for a slightly smoked up daytime look, or you can go all out and blend ‘holy smokes!’ in the outer corner and just under the lower lash line (a tiny-weeny bit or you will look a bit bruised, consider this a forewarning) for an immediate sexy eye look à la (your favourite celebs name here). Also, I’ve never been able to master the full-on smoked look, given my hooded eyes and pale complexion (mmm I sound beautiful don’t I), but with the tips in this set, even I can pull it off. Better yet, I can do it in seconds – just as Clark Kent transforms into Superman in a split instant, I transform into a sexy vixen (more like your standard tabby cat).

The only thing that disappoints me slightly with these sets is the pigmentation, especially with the matt/highlight shades – ‘pause for applause’ from the ‘Sexiest nudes’ set makes absolutely no difference to my skin whatsoever, no matter how long I sit there painting my face, and I feel that the highlighter shades could be a little subtle/chalky (i’m looking at you, ‘milk it!’!) for some, practically invisible on the fairest of skin tones. I know i swatched lightly on the photos above (still trying to master the art of swatching, bear with me), but even i was surprised at the lack of pigmentation in some of the Glamourous nudes – although this could be a blessing in disguise for those like me who apply eyeshadow like a giant would apply lipstick, smushing it into the lids, or those who prefer a more subtle look. I also wish these came with a mini brush; yes, it would be q bit bulkier, but for the first few weeks i tried applying these with my fingers… I mean, I looked like a child’s doodle. Nevertheless, I think these sets are a good buy – priced at £23.50 they’re not the cheapest but when you consider the price of the eyeshadows individually – £15.50 for a powder/cream eyeshadow from Benefit – the overall quality, as well as the packaging and tips, I don’t think it’s too bad. For me, the real stars of the show are the creaseless cream eyeshadows – just look at their pigmentation compared to the powders! – so even if I haven’t tempted you into buying one of these sets, I implore you to have a snoop at the creams at the very least – both eyeshadows pros and absolute novices like me I think would love them, for their butter-cream texture and insane staying power (I wore a smoky eye for 15 hours for my party, and it looked perfect when I got home, rather than kindly disintegrating all over my face) – I know I will do.


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