Pink with a Punch: Rimmel Salon Pro in #313 Cocktail Passion


left: bottle with nail swatch, right: attempting to get a closer look at the brush

My nails are bastards. There, I said it. If it was possible to divorce your nails, I happily would. They’re ungrateful little sods – I buy them the prettiest colours and they reject them, pushing them off and refusing to hold on tight through the trials and tribulations of everyday life; if a colour can last 2 days without chips, I am well chuffed. So when I saw this little pot in Boots, promising 10 days of wear, I was intrigued.

There’s no beating around the bush here; this is a beautiful colour in the bottle, like a bright pink with a punch of coral, and god knows I am a sucker for all things coral. I was excited and I snapped it up. Unfortunately I was to be slightly disappointed with the colour as it transferred onto my nails – indeed, rather than the coral-pink that had caught my eye, on my nails it turned out to be a much more simple and straightforward hot pink. It’s pretty nevertheless, but not quite what I had intended; the colour in the bottle is unique, the colour on my nails less so. There is a hint of coral in there if you’re splitting hairs, but it’s not as much of a punch as a pinch (hoho, wordplay).

Moving onto the brush, the brush is rather short and fat, a chubby little thing. For reference, I like Essie brushes as I find they cover my nail neatly in one sweep, with less chance for mess, because, let’s be honest, I am the epitome of a nail polish noob. This brush I didn’t find quite as good, but better than the thin spindly brushes of say, Barry M. Careful painting was needed around the edges of the nail, but major catastrophes were easily averted, and it was opaque in two coats. Pretty good, considering the price point, and comparing to the performance of its similar-priced peers in Boots.

Showing you the width, size and coverage of the brush. Forgive the shoddy camerawork.

As for the claim of 10 days wear, I am sceptical. Fair play I haven’t had it on very long (2days at time of writing) and it’s still going strong, but I refuse to believe anything can last on my nails that long. I am wearing it without a base/topcoat in the pictures, just to give it a real run for its money, and I shall report back. Even if it doesn’t last 10 days, I think I would buy again just for the colours in the range, all bright, fun and perfect for summer – I have my eye on the orange next….

Rimmel Salon Pro in Cocktail Passion – link, £4.49


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