Faux that glow!: Bourjois Bronzing Primer universelle

Having been well acquainted with the blogosphere for over a year, I am well aware of the hype that surrounds Chanel’s cream bronzer, Soleil Tan de Chanel. Sure I was tempted, but with my fair complexion and having read that on some it is somewhat orangey, I never took the plunge. Plus, you know, it was £31. So when Bourjois recently released their Bronzing Primer Universelle as part of their 2013 summer collection, a snip at £9.99, I pounced (not literally).

Now, as I have not tried Chanel’s offering, it would be foolish of me to continue comparisons, as I’d literally be guessing (‘uh, it’s kind of moussey I guess..?’). But there is an immediate difference between the two that I can comment on; the fact that this product is marketed as a ‘primer’, that is something to be used on the skin before applying makeup, to give you a glow through the layer of foundation, concealer, powder… But I have never done this.


Indeed, I content myself just with using this as a standard cream bronzer. I like to apply this with the Real Techniques stippling brush (although I imagine fingers would also be fine), and kind of dab it on the skin, then blend like the dickens. I must admit, it looks terrifying at first, but with a bit of blending it softens out to a light golden finish – light, radiant. Suddenly my complexion looks radiant and awake, which is a vast improvement from it looks first thing in the morning.

It’s also worth saying here that the smell of the product is delicious, much like the infamous chocolate bronzer, also by Bourjois. I have read that some fear that this will upset sensitive skin, but on my tempremental skin it’s been absolutely fine! The product itself is a thick cream texture, rather than moussey, and by all accounts it is much softer than the Chanel, allowing it to blend in like a dream, but also makes it set to an almost ‘unset’ finish (somewhere between matte and dewy), which only heightens the natural look, but does shorten the wear time somewhat – I find it lasts about 5-6 hours on my dry skin, which is fairly decent, but I fear that oily skin types may not fare as well.


Unblended, blending, blended! (just visible)

This can be built up on paler skintones, but darker skintones may struggle to get this to show up; once blended (see above), you merely look healthy and glowy, rather than overtly bronzed, and at most you will look simply sunkissed. For me, the heavy-handed clutz, that’s a good thing. But it’s something to keep in mind. If bronzed is your thing, try the Chanel, or the original Bourjois chocolate bronzer. If natural, subtle and glowy is your thing, you’re onto a winner here.


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