First impressions, and the inevitable tangent that follows.

This is a bit of an awkward one. I have long since toyed with the idea of starting a blog where I can rant and rave and most importantly ramble about all things beautiful. I suppose that you could say in a way that I am mainly doing this for my family and friends’ sake, to save them from my ramblings and pointless observations; some may even say I’m a hero. Me, I prefer all-round humanitarian legend.

But it’s never really got off to a flying start, my blogging adventure. I’ve uhmed and ahhed at length, and tumblr is now littered with my blogs that never really got going, because I always felt I was playing a role rather than actually doing something I loved doing. Then some things happened, things that made me come across all determined and driven, like Frodo on his quest to Mordor, only with slightly less death, and slightly better eyebrows. Firstly, my family told me – after one to many monologues about the virtues of using not one, but two, toners – to get a life (they said ‘life‘, I heard ‘blog‘). Then, I got a job in France. A job in communications. A job for which I have to write a blog – and you know what they say, practise makes perfect, for I do not want to enter my professional life armed with nothing but a vague understanding of the words ‘blog scheduling’ and a lipgloss instead of a pen. Oh, and everyone knows no one does a pharmacy like the French.

So here we go; I am eager and ready to learn, paper and pen at the ready…


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